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2016 WACC Champions
WACC Champions: 2012-2015
ACCAL Champions: 2007-2011

2016 Roster  

Coach - Stephen Burnett (email)
Asst. Coaches: Samantha Esguerra, Patrick Sauro, 
Jemma Thorpe


Team Booster Rep: Teri Shiu (email)

Jemma Thorpe, Alexis Quan, Ashley Heng, Corine Tan, Elizabeth Scholtes,
Hannah Taylor, Allyson Esguerra, Lauren Tan and Alexis Esguerra

2016 Schedule  

Alameda's home course is the Chuck Corica Golf Complex
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Match Summaries

  • 11/7 @ NorCal Championship: Team Ties for 7th Place
       T15 - Elizabeth Scholtes: 77
       T31 - Alexis Esguerra: 81
       T38 - Corine Tan: 82
       T60 - Lauren Tan: 91
       66 - Allyson Esguerra: 94
       67 - Ashley Heng: 95

  • 10/17 @ WACC Championship: W - 208-291
    AHS participated in the WACC League Championship at Tilden Park. They faced against 7 teams, all of whom they had seen during the season. It was a struggle to fight against the sloping hills and wet grass, but that didn’t stop these Lady Hornets. While I was bundled up in the cart, they were out there in their short sleeves, hitting their way to the top! In a surprisingly short amount of time, everyone finished and eagerly waited to hear the results. However, it was abundantly clear: AHS placed 1st! On top of that, all of the Lady Hornets scored the lowest out of all the other players! Congratulations Women’s Golf on the win and looking forward to NCS Championships!

  • 10/13 vs. Castro Valley & Arroyo: W/W - 199-242/325
    AHS played in their last league game at home against Castro Valley and Arroyo High School. The Lady Hornets did a phenomenal job wrapping up their league season, especially Corine Tan with her last league game of her high school year! Elizabeth Scholtes consistently shoots low with 37. Corine leaves it all out on the course and also finishes with a 37. The sophomores of the group are next with Lauren Tan a 39 and Alexis Esguerra a 40. Her sister, Allyson, shot a 46 and freshman Ashley Heng a 50. The Lady Hornets did not disappoint and continued to uphold their title of undefeated for 10 years straight. AHS walked away 199-242-325 and celebrated Corine’s last league day with cake and cream puffs.

  • 10/11 vs. Piedmont: W - 208-291
    October 11, 2016 AHS faced Piedmont High at Chuck Corica. While the weather looked to be hot, the wind kicked in right at the first tee. Nevertheless, the Lady Hornets powered through the cold. Elizabeth Scholtes swung the farthest with a fantastic 39. Alexis Esguerra came second with a solid 41 along with senior Corine Tan, her second to last league game for her high school year! Sister Lauren Tan played alongside her with 43 and Allyson Esguerra made a 44. Ashley Heng pulled the group together with 46- a lower score than others on Piedmont! The end totaled 208-291 with yet another AHS victory.

  • 10/4 vs. San Leandro: W - 179-256
    Women's Golf kicked off the first game of the new month at Monarch Bay on the short game with San Leandro. However, these Lady Hornets were prepared to play on par 3 and 4 holes because they practice that every Wednesday at their own short game course. With the 9 holes being a total of par 30, Elizabeth Scholtes and Lauren Tan led the way with just 2 over. The two Esguerra's played in the same group and shot a one stroke difference- Alexis with 36 and Allyson 37. Ashley Heng ended with a 42 and Hannah Taylor 46. This short course was no match for AHS as they came on top 179-256.

  • 9/28 vs. Skyline: W - 245-295
    September 28, 2016 AHS played yet another back-to-back home game against Skyline High. The weather was colder than expected, but that didn’t stop these Lady Hornets from doing their thing. Senior Corine Tan shot her way to the top with the lowest score of 38. Allyson Esguerra played in the last group and moved everyone along with a 42. Ashley Heng was the first to swing and scored a 54. Hannah Taylor went just after and shot the same. Freshman Alexis Quan ended the game with a solid 57. After a windy afternoon on the golf course, AHS pulled out a win 245-295.

  • 9/27 vs. O'Dowd: W - 199-246
    September 27, 2016 AHS matched their second time against Bishop O’Dowd. The game was played at the familiar Chuck Corica Course. Elizabeth Scholtes shot her best this season with 1 under par. The Tan’s scored just a one stroke difference; Corine shot 39 and Lauren 40. Allyson Esguerra swung a 43 and Hannah Taylor 49, which was higher than most of the other players on O’Dowd. The game ended 199-246 and a round of victory fries at Jim’s for AHS.

  • 9/22 vs. Berkeley W - 230-315
    September 22, 2016 AHS was back at it again in Redwood Canyon, this time against Berkeley High School. Underclassmen dominated the line up with both freshman playing. Lauren Tan started first and paved the way with an amazing 39. It’s no surprise that the two Esguerra’s came close in score with Allyson shooting a 44 and Alexis a 45. Ashley Heng scored similarly with a 45 and Alexis Quan a 57, her second game on the course. Sophomore Hannah Taylor debuted in her first game of the season with a 58, ending the game with AHS on top 230-315.

  • 9/20 vs. O'Dowd: W - 206-262
    September 20, 2016 AHS faced Bishop O’Dowd at the Metropolitan Course. Sophomore Lauren Tan stood above the rest as she shot an amazing 36; her senior sister, Corine, shot just one over hers. The two juniors, Elizabeth Scholtes and Allyson Esguerra, made a 40 and 44. Both freshmen played as well, with Ashley Heng shooting a 49 and Alexis Quan a 65. At the end of the day, the Lady Hornets came on top 206-262.

  • 9/19 @ Poppy Hills Classic: 4th out of 20 in NorCal
    September 19, 2016 AHS participated in their first NorCal tournament this season at Poppy Ridge Classic. Each player was split into different groups and scattered across 3 different courses. Swinging in 100 degree weather, along with the long trek of 18 holes, the Lady Hornets kept fighting on. Elizabeth Scholtes was the top scorer on AHS with 76 and Corine Tan came in with a close second of 78. Lauren Tan shot a solid 80 and Allyson Esguerra just one over with 81. Freshman Ashley Heng debuted in her first high school tournament and came out with an impressive 89. The team’s overall score was 398, which placed them 4th out of 20 of the best teams in Northern California!

  • 9/15 vs. Castro Valley W - 235-255
    AHS Women's Golf defeated Castro Valley High School at Redwood Canyon on the back 9. Elizabeth Scholtes led yet again with one over par- the best score from both teams. Alexis Esguerra shot one above with 43 and Corine Tan with 44. Both freshmen came out to play and added to the team's score- Ashley Heng with 46 and Alexis Quan with 64. Both teams played exceedingly well on a course filled with deer and geese, but in the end AHS won 234-255.

  • 9/13 vs. Arroyo and Berkeley W/W - 213-309-342
    AHS Women’s Golf played their second game of the season on one of the hardest courses, Tilden Park. Fighting the sloping hills and harsh wind, AHS matched against Arroyo and Berkeley High School. However, they were able to pull through and all score no more than 10 above par. Elizabeth Scholtes ranked number 1 with 41, Alexis Esguerra and Corine Tan tied with 42, Lauren Tan with 43, and Ashley Heng with 45. At the end of the day, AHS pulled through a win 213-309-342.

  • 9/6 vs. San Leandro W - 200-339
    September 6, 2016 Alameda High School’s Women’s Golf team began their first 10 year anniversary game of the season with a promising start. They faced San Leandro High School at home on a par 36 course. Elizabeth Scholtes led the team with just one over par. The two sisters, Corine and Lauren Tan, followed with 40 strokes. Right behind them was yet another pair of siblings: Allyson Esguerra with 41 and her sister, Alexis, with 42. Freshman Ashley Heng scored a solid 47, which was lower than any of the other players on the opposing team. After a strong 2 hours and 45 minutes, AHS continues to uphold their title of being unbeatable with 200 - 339.

Other Hornet Accomplishments


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  • Carly Childs named Bay Area News Group's 
    'East Bay Girls Golfer of the Year' 

  • Carly ties for #8 @ State

  • Carly #1 @ NorCal; Team finishes 6th

  •  Carly #1 @ North Coast (sets new NCS record @ 64);
    Team finishes 3rd

  • ACCAL Champions


  • Grace Na - #1 @ State; Team takes 4th

  • NorCal Champions

  • NCS Runners Up

  • ACCAL Champions


  • 6th Place @ State Championship!
    Grace Na takes 5th place overall

  • NCS Champs!!

  • ACCAL Champions!! 3rd Year in a Row


  • State Championship
    Sam Esguerra 4th; Grace Na 7th; Team 6th

  • ACCAL Champions

2007 (1st Year in League):

  • NCS Champions; Grace Na #3 @ State

  • ACCAL Champions


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