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@ NCS - Meet of Champions - Edwards Stadium/Cal
May 26-27, 2017

The competition level at this meet is typically equivalent to that in most other State meets around the country. Despite the many outstanding athletes that have worn the Hornet jersey over the years, few have been able to advance to the Saturday finals from a preliminary heat on Friday. According to our (admittedly incomplete) research, only 22 Hornets have achieved that feat over the past 25 years.

But that was about to change.

Lauren Lum was the first Hornet to scoff at the past, running a new PR of 5:04.78 in the 1600 and finishing as the 11th fastest qualifier. Lara Vetter hung with the lead pack in her heat, but slowed toward the end, undoubtedly with the upcoming 800m race in her head. Next up was Ramir Smith in the 100m race, his less strong event. No worries. Ramir squeaked into the final as the 8th fastest qualifier with a solid 11.15 time.

In the 800m heats, Allie Cvitanovic was up first in Heat 1 and ran well, but did not qualify for the final. In the final 800m heat of the day, Lara clicked off a brisk 32 seconds for the first 200 and crossed the first lap at 67. She held on for a very good time of 2:22.14, which was exact same time as a girl from another heat, leaving them tied for the 12th and final qualifying spot. The timers then examined the results and took the times out to 1/1000th of a second, hoping to determine which of the two would advance. But they found that both girls had run exactly 2:22.135 seconds! A dead heat! That meant that both would advance to the final!

The final race for our crew on Friday was the 200. As his stronger of the two sprint events, Ramir did not disappoint, crossing the line in a new PR of 22.34 seconds, the 4th fastest time among all of the runners. Ramir had qualified for the final in both the 100 and 200, something not achieved by a Hornet since (we think) James Jackson did so in 1954!

Saturday was a spectacularly beautiful day at Edwards, with the sun shining, the wind light, and the temperature mild. And we had Hornets in FIVE finals!

Lauren Lum's work was cut out for her, and she responded well, finishing in 10th place with a time only a tenth of a second slower than Friday's time. Note that this field was so good, even the 4th place finisher beat the at-large time of 4:55.96 to qualify for the state meet.

Ramir's 100m final was next. He matched his time from the prelims and finished 8th.

The 800m final immediately followed the 100m final. Despite starting in a blistering 31 seconds for the first 200m, Lara found herself in 11th place among the 13-runner field. She hit a 65 for the first lap (2:10 pace!) and held that spot for the next 100m before starting to move up on the back stretch. By the time she finished, she had moved up all the way to 7th place, a far cry from barely qualifying for the final! Her time of 2:18.21 moves her to 3rd place on the all-time Hornets record list.

The 200m race was the most exciting 23 seconds of our season. Ramir's excellent time from the prelims put him into his favorite Lane 6. The gun sounded, and Ramir's start looked like his best ever. He made up the stagger on the Lane 7 runner in no time flat and hit the straightaway in a virtual tie with 4 other runners for the lead. Alas, despite such a great performance, the others pulled away ever so slightly, and Ramir had to be satisfied with 5th place and a new PR of 22.21, only 5 hundredths of a second away from qualifying for State. Still, he was thrilled to be in the mix at the end, and has a shiny new medal to show for it.

But we weren't through yet. Lauren still had to run the 3200. We later discovered that Lauren was the only one among the 23 girls in the 3200 to have been tough enough to compete in the 3200 after having run a race earlier in the meet. That didn't stop her, though, as she glided through the 8 laps in a 6-second PR of 11:15 to finish in 13th place.

As the meet drew to a close, we were satisfied to realize we had witnessed the most MOC finals contested by Hornet athletes in at least the past 25 years.


Results for both prelims and finals can be found here: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=288890#903

@ NCS - Bayshore - James Logan High
May 20, 2017

At this meet, finishing within the top 7 means a trip to the NCS championship meet, known as the Meet of Champions, or MOC.

Our day didn't start off very well, with our girls 4x100 relay team being disqualified for passing beyond the zone. Then, the starter botched the start of the fast heat of the girls 1600m race, which contributed to Lauren Lum being slammed onto the track when another runner tried to run through her as the gun sounded. The race was restarted, but it was a bit too unnerving for our girls to run their best. Lauren still finished 2nd and Lara Vetter 3rd, putting them into the MOC, so perhaps our fortunes were changing?

Things began to look up more with Ramir Smith grabbing a 5th place in the 100, and a rare Hornet trip to MOC in that event. In the 800, coaches instructed Rachel Wellman to go out and win the "slow" heat in order to give herself a shot at making it to MOC, and that's exactly what she did in a season-best time of 2:31. In the fast heat, Lara Vetter stuck close to the St. Mary's superstar and finished 2nd in a PR of 2:20. Allie Cvitanovic ran her best race of the season, notching a 2:25 for 5th place.

In the 200, Ramir Smith got close to his PR and took home 2nd place, earning the rarest of trips to MOC for a Hornet half-lapper. The only other Hornet known to achieve this feat within the past 60 years (with, admittedly, some research still underway) was our own Webmaster's daughter, Kellie Grigg, in 2010.

The 3200 was held in 85+ degree temperatures, and Lauren Lum wanted redemption. This time, they found a starter who knew what he was doing, and Lum was able to start safely, then relax in the lead pack. For a lap. Then she put the hammer down, growing a lead of up to ten seconds before cruising in for an easy win (and getting a giant photo of herself in the Alameda Journal!).

The girls' outstanding performances racked up 34 points for the team, which put Alameda in 4th place out of 31 schools, perhaps the Hornets' best team performance ever in this meet.

Results can be found here: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=288888#903

@ WACC Championships - Varsity (Burrell Field)

May 11, 2017

Most of the Varsity athletes traveled to San Leandro for the preliminaries of most of the running events and half of the field events. The relays, the 3200, and any running events without more than 16 entrants would be contested on Saturday as finals only. Field event trials and finals were contested for triple jump, high jump, boys shot put, and girls discus.

Four of our six girl 1600m runners qualified for Saturday's final, although the windy weather slowed their times a bit. The boys did their best to ignore the wind, as Devin Rowe, Patrick Nguyen, and Ethan West all set new PRs, with Ethan advancing to Saturday's final.

Our high hurdlers fared well in the next event, with all four - Keilani Adachi, Ivy Vu, Sven Said, and Jayson Tram - qualifying for Saturday's final.

In the 400, senior Doug Dembroge got serious, hacking nearly 3 seconds off of his PR to register a 54.32 and make it to the final. Ramir Smith and Kaleb Vance looked strong in the 100 to qualify for Saturday's final, and 7 of the other 8 100m runners clocked either PRs or season bests.

The 800m races were among our most successful of the day. Five of our six girls qualified for the final (including 4 of the 5 fastest times), as did 2 of our 3 boys. Jayson Tram ran a solid race in the 300m hurdles to qualify for the final.

We wrapped up the running events with several more PRs or season bests in the 200, and Ramir Smith had the 3rd best time on the day to qualify for the final.

May 13, 2017

Competitors finishing in the top 9 in every event of the WACC finals earn a trip to the NCS Bayshore Area Meet, in which athletes hope to qualify for the section championship the following week.

We had a couple of solid field event performances on this day. Freshman Steven Banegas PRd in the discus, and junior Danielle Yee was our only field event athlete to make the final. Her long jump was just a few inches short of 9th place and a trip to the Bayshore meet.

Our girls 4x100m relay team had a solid effort, despite subbing in a new member at the last minute (thank you, Ivy!), while our boys team hit their best time of the season and took 3rd place.

The tag team one-two punch of Lara Vetter and Lauren Lum was too much for the rest of the league in the 1600m, with Lara and Lauren finishing 1-2 and grabbing a new PR of 5:07 for Lara. Katie Gee also PRd and earned a trip to the Bayshore meet with a 7th place finish. Ethan West courageously chased the fast field in the boys race and got a new PR of 4:43 in the process. He was later advanced to the Bayshore meet when two runners scratched.

Our next highlight was Doug Dembroge dropping even more time off of his 400m PR from Thursday. In the 100, Ramir Smith ran his 2nd best time of the season and finished 4th.

Just like on Thursday, the girls 800m was our most successful, as all five of our runners finished among the top eight, including the winner, Lara Vetter, bagging her second win of the meet.

Ivy Vu was the Hornet star of the next event, the 300m hurdles. She was placed in the slower of the two heats, but ran an aggressive and spectacular race, knocking 2 full seconds off of her PR and registering the 6th fastest time on the day out of 14 competitors. Ramir Smith cruised in for a 3rd place in the 200.

The final individual running event of the day was the 3200m. The girls race was dominated by Lauren Lum, who punished the other runners into submission with a relentless pace for her 2nd consecutive league title in that event and making it a Hornet sweep for the girls distance races. While our boys did not place within the top 9 finishers, Devin Rowe scored a very nice PR of 10:58, with teammate Patrick Nguyen close behind.

In the team competition, our girls squad ended up in 4th place, a very solid performance.

Full results of both preliminaries and finals here: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=288886#903


@ WACC Championships - Non-Varsity (Burrell Field)
May 6, 2017

We had many outstanding performances from those athletes not competing at the Varsity level this year.

After our boys 4x100m relay team finished a solid 3rd place, our 1600m runners hit the track. Ten of our twelve runners tallied PRs in their races, and Connor Lynch, Eric Slez, and Mitchell Tansey all finished among the top 10.

Our sprinters were up next in the 100m heats, and freshman Esther Sue provided the highlight of this distance by finishing 3rd in a PR time of 13.60.

Four of our 800m runners PRd in the next event, including Ian Pang, who finished a solid 4th place with an excellent time of 2:18.70.

Wrapping up the sprinting events with the 200m, Dahlia Wong and Madison Zmurk each notched their 2nd PR of the day, as did Eric Funchess, Julian Wong, Dohnovan Gross, and Ryan Melanson.

Our lone competitor in the 3200m race, Ben Ting, also earned his 2nd PR on the day (his first was in the 1600m), just dipping under the 12-minute mark, which earned him a 3rd place finish.

Full results here: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=288884#903

@ Clash of the Titans (Skyline)
April. 29, 2017

The Hornet varsity track team had an amazing day at the Clash of the Titans meet at Skyline High School in Oakland on April 29th.

In the field events, senior Kyle Choy had a banner day, PRing with a 36'3" mark in the triple jump and hitting his best long jump of the season. CJ Forrer also PRd - he topped the 18-foot mark for the first time with an 18'1" jump. Ramir Smith hit his best jump of the season, too, a mark of 19'7". More about Ramir later.

Our distance runners were stellar, beginning with a 1-2 finish in the girls 1600m race by Lauren Lum and Lara Vetter, with both runners crushing the meet record. They were probably inspired by Lizzie Cho and Jeri Yue, who ran PRs in the heat immediately before theirs - Lizzie dipped under the 6:00 standard for the first time, hitting a 5:54. We had seven boys in the 1600m heats, and all seven set new PRs, including Cameron Yuen and Cedric Murphy smashing through the 4:50 barrier with a 4:44 and 4:45, respectively. Harry Stairs and Patrick Nguyen went under 5:00 for the first time, while Devin Rowe crushed that mark for the first time in an official race with a 4:56 (he ran 4:57 in a formal time trial at the end of last season).

Four of our girls finished in the top nine 800m finishers, with three of them setting PRs: Lara, Lauren, and Katie Gee. Lara's time of 2:21 put her onto the Hornets all-time top-5 list for that event.

Not to be outdone, our sprinters were nothing short of spectacular. A few highlights: junior Isabella Estrada double PRd in the 100m and 200m after running in the 4x100m relay; similarly, senior Konrad Wolfl ran leadoff on our 4x100m relay team, then ran a season-best 11.90 in the 100m and a PR of 23.83 in the 200m; triple jump specialist Kyle Choy PRd in the 100m; and Barry Xu double PRd in the 200m and 400m.

While all of those performances were excellent, Ramir Smith's day was literally historic. Yes, he anchored our 4x100m relay team to a 3rd place finish and jumped his season best in the long, but his individual sprint races were where the real action was. In the 100m, he rallied to finish in 2nd place and tallied a PR of 11.00, the third fastest 100m by a Hornet in history. If that wasn't enough, he went out and (again, rallying from behind to grab 2nd place) ran only the fastest Hornet time for the 200m since Hall of Fame inductee James Jackson (yes, THAT James Jackson) ran the school record time in 1954.

That's right, Ramir ran the fastest 200m time by a Hornet in 63 years.

His time is currently the 3rd fastest non-wind-aided time in all of the NCS, so we are rooting for him to be the first Hornet to qualify for the State Track Meet since 2010.

Full Results: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=288079#903

@ League Meet #3 vs. Berkeley and Hayward
April. 20, 2017

We finally wrapped up this 9-day odyssey with our final league meet of the season at Berkeley High, competing against Berkeley and Hayward. Our boys varsity team was unable to match the power of these two schools, but our girls handled Hayward easily, winning their first dual competition of the season, 65-44. Our girls came up just short against Berkeley, 63-57. Individual victories for the boys were garnered by Sven Said in the high hurdles and Cameron Yuen in the 1600m, who inexplicably ran yet another 4:50.xx for the umpteenth time. In our scoring against Hayward, Cameron also won the 3200m race, with Cedric Murphy and Ramir Smith adding wins in the 800m and 300m hurdles. It should be noted that Cedric completed the rare Iron Man performance, running the four longest individual events in the meet. Our girls made a valiant effort to overcome the Berkeley juggernaut, including seeing Lauren Lum grab wins in the 1600m and 3200m and a 2nd place in the 800m. Keilani Adachi won both the highs and lows and taking 2nd in the triple jump. Lara Vetter won the 400m in a PR time of 62.38, while senior Viktoria Gilbert brought home our first win in the throws, beating all of the 'Jacket gals in the shot put. All of those running wins also took care of the Farmers, plus Lauren's 800m was a winner, as was Keilani's triple jump performance and Danielle Yee's long jump.

Full Results: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=296289#903

@ Bearcats Invitational
April 15, 2017

The next phase of our 9-day marathon of meets was the Bearcats Invitational at San Mateo High School. Ramir Smith had an outstanding day, medaling in two events, the 100m (first place!) and the 200m (third). He also anchored our 4x100m relay team, which just missed a medal, finishing 4th overall, despite having to sub in Kyle Choy at the last minute. This unexpected necessity actually resulted in the fastest Hornet time of the season, 45.54 seconds. The distance runners cracked a few key barriers, with Cedric Murphy dipping under 2:10 in the 800m for the first time, Ethan West seeing the south side of 4:50 for the first time, and freshman Patrick Nguyen setting a PR that now starts with the number "10." Freshman Esther Sue had a nice day in the frosh-soph division, winning a 6th place medal in the 100m and just missing a medal with a 7th in the 200m, but setting a nice shiny new PR of 28.77 in the process. Allie Cvitanovic zipped in in 6th place for a medal with a season-best 2:25.94, while Lara Vetter and Lauren Lum continued their pummeling of the opposition, winning the 1600m and 3200m, respectively (Lauren by a 48-second margin).

Full Results: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=289055#903

@ League Meet #2 vs. San Leandro
April 12, 2017

When Spring Break ended, we knew we had our work cut out for us, as we would have three meets in a 9-day span starting on April 12th. That was the date of yet another meet at Castro Valley, this time with our teams scoring against San Leandro. The Pirates' big squad was too much for both our boys and girls varsity teams, outscoring us 96-30 and 63-40, respectively. We did still have some highlights, though, such as Lauren Lum being a double winner, in the 1600m and 3200m races, and Lara Vetter winning the 800m and anchoring our victorious 4x400m relay team that included Allie Cvitanovic, Chloe de Verrier, and Rachel Wellman. On the boys' side, Cedric Murphy took home the 800m victory, while freshman Patrick Nguyen did so in the 3200m race. Our 4x400 team of Doug Dembroge, Sven Said, Alex English, and Cameron Yuen ran extremely well and garnered 5 points for the Hornets in that event.

Full Results: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=288775#903

@ Stanford Invitational
April 1, 2017

Just as Spring Break was starting, Lauren Lum and Lara Vetter journeyed down the peninsula on April 1st to run in the prestigious Stanford Invitational with runners from around the country. They competed in the 1 mile race, which is about 9 meters longer than the 1600m. It was an exciting day for these two outstanding runners as they hoped to move up further on the all-time list. Lara was nursing a sore hip, but still ran a very solid 5:16.87, which corresponds to a 5:15 for 1600m. Lauren found herself surging ahead with the lead pack with a lap and a half to go and charged in to the finish in a stellar 5:07.08, which converts to 5:05 for 1600m, leaving her only 4 seconds away from the Alameda High record.

Full Results: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=285128#903

@ League Meet #1 vs. Castro Valley and Bishop O'Dowd
March 29, 2017

Our first league meet was held only four days after the Castro Valley Invitational at - where else? - Castro Valley High. This was the first test for our boys varsity team, who did not win a single dual meet in 2016. They passed with flying colors, topping host Castro Valley by 3 points, 64-61, a huge improvement over last year's 81-37 defeat. We lost to Bishop O'Dowd by 20 points, but that, too, was a huge improvement over last year's 46-point loss. The boys were led by Ramir Smith, who beat all of Castro Valley's best in the 100m, 200m, and high hurdles, and anchored our victorious 4x100m relay team. Other winners in the matchup with CVHS were Doug Dembroge in the 400m and Cedric Murphy in the 800. In the Bishop O'Dowd matchup, Ramir also won the 100m and 200m and was 2nd in the highs. CJ Forrer finished 1st in the high jump over the O'Dowd lads, as did Kyle Choy in the triple jump.

Our girls varsity team, unfortunately, fell to both schools, although there were certainly some highlights. Freshman Esther Sue won the 100m against Castro Valley and the 200m against O'Dowd, while Allie Cvitanovic beat everyone in the 800. Sophomore Katie Gee beat all of the O'Dowd 1600m runners and all but one of the CVHS gals.

The Frosh-Soph division is not scored officially by the league, but we tally up the scores for our own information. Our frosh-soph girls took our lone victory in this division, besting O'Dowd by 2 points and led by our distance runners, who outscored them 22-1. Megan Yip won both the 800m and 3200m, Jeri Yue took home the win in the 1600m and 2nd in the 800m, and Michelle Jenks and Morgan Kimble helped in that near shutout.

Full Results: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=288761#903

@ Castro Valley Invitational
March 25, 2017

On March 25th, we visited Castro Valley High School for the first of our three trips there, and competed in the Castro Valley Invitational, which had a healthy amount of relay events. Our girls varsity runners won two races, the 4x800m relay and the DMR. The 4x800m relay featured Lara Vetter, Lizzie Cho, Katie Gee, and Lauren Lum. Lara ran the 1st leg and clocked a 2:21 split, which would place her 5th on the all-time list if relay splits were included in those marks. Lauren's 2:25.4 anchor leg was a PR, and the team ended up 27 seconds ahead of 2nd place Castro Valley. In the DMR, Lauren Lum repeated as anchor, but this time was preceded by Allie Cvitanovic, Chloe de Verrier, and Rachel Wellman, just as she was at the D-Fest. This time, these four girls knocked another 16 seconds off of that outstanding performance, cracking 13 minutes and beating 2nd place Castro Valley by 25 seconds. At the end of the meet, our boys varsity runners put together a solid 4x400m relay team of Doug Dembroge, Barry Xu, Eric Funchess, and Darryl Brown and finished in 2nd place.

Full Results: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=288758#903

@ Dublin Distance Fiesta + Big Cats Relays
March 18, 2017

March 18th was a busy day for the Hornets, as our Distance event specialists travelled out to Dublin for one of the biggest meets of the season in the East Bay, the Dublin Distance Fiesta ("D-Fest"). Meanwhile, the Power Events group zoomed across the Bay to San Francisco to compete in the Big Cats Relays meet.

In Dublin, there were 44 1600m races, then 51 800m races, then 20 3200m races, and finally 1 girls' and 2 boys' DMR races. The races are grouped by expected times, so the competition is usually well balanced, which often leads to fast times. We tallied 10 Person Record (PR) times in the 1600m races and several runners earned t-shirts for finishing among the top 3 in their heat. The girls were led by Lara Vetter and Katie Gee, who both PRd in the 1600, including a 5:08.80 time by Lara, improving on her 4th place all-time Hornet mark. Also, the girls entered a DMR team (Allie Cvitanovic, Chloe de Verrier, Rachel Wellman, and Lauren Lum), which chopped 42 seconds off of last year's time and finished in 6th place out of 24 teams. We had three boys dip under the 5:00 mark for 1600m: Ethan West (4:54.41), Adam Elaidy (4:58.63 - a 10-second improvement on his previous PR and his first time under 5:00!), and Cedric Murphy (4:59.99).

Over in the City, the highlight for the Power group was junior Ramir Smith winning the 100m dash with a time only a fraction of a second off of his all-time best. Sophomore Kaleb Vance ended up 6th overall in that race. Other highlights included freshman Esther Sue cracking the 14-second barrier in finishing 5th overall, and junior Danielle Yee taking 3rd in the long jump. Seniors Doug Dembroge and Sven Said took 4th and 6th in the high hurdles, and our 4x200m relay team finished 2nd.

D-Fest Results: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=284933#903
Big Cats Results: http://ca.milesplit.com/meets/261385/results/503080/formatted#.WP--tqK1uM8

@ Martinez Relays
March 11, 2017

On March 11th, we travelled to Alhambra High School in Martinez for the Martinez Relays, one of the oldest track meets in the East Bay. All of the events are relays, including field events, in which individual marks are added together to determine a "relay" team's place. The Hornets earned (literally!) a large bag full of medals, including 1st place medals in the Frosh-Soph Girls 4x800m and Distance Medley Relay (DMR) and the Varsity Girls DMR. We also grabbed 2nd place finishes in the Varsity Boys Hurdle Shuttle, Frosh-Soph Boys 4x800 and DMR, and Varsity Boys DMR. Our 3rd place finishes included Frosh-Soph Girls 4x100m and Varsity Girls Shot Put and Discus.

Full Results: https://www.athletic.net/TrackAndField/MeetResults.aspx?Meet=292621#903

@ Skyline Invitational
Feb. 25, 2017

On Saturday, February 25th, the Hornets climbed up to Skyline High, alma mater of Devin Rowe's mom, Stacy (we're still waiting for that selfie with Tom Hanks), for the Skyline Invitational. We had a reduced squad at this meet because many of the team members were not yet ready to compete.

Junior Ramir Smith led the team by finishing 3rd in the 100m race with a nice 11.63 - a solid early-season time. Smith also finished 4th in the 200m with a time of 23.91. Those two results gave the Hornet boys 10 points, which tied us with St. Joe's and Bishop O'Dowd for 10th place in the team standings. He also long jumped and ran the opening leg of the 4x400m relay. Soph newcomer Kaleb Vance competed in 3 events in his first meet, including a 12th place finish in the long jump.

On the girls's side, senior Lara Vetter blazed to a 5:17.23 in the 1600m race and then followed that up a short time later with a 63.89 in the 400. Those performances garnered Alameda's only two points of the meet. Junior Allie Cvitanovic also completed the rare 1600/400 double, PRing in the 1600 and missing her PR in the 400 by only about a half second, finishing in 8th place.

Full results can be found here: http://atwresults.com/atwupload/20170225/