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Tamara Bayne

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(9/2016)  AHS Athletic Boosters is vital to the all of the sports. I hope you will make the $60 per athlete per sport donation and join us at our meetings. We meet the last Wednesday of the month at 6pm in the Media Center Pit on campus. As a parent of who joined the group 5 years ago when my daughter was a freshman at AHS, I saw first hand the support that this program provides to the teams. I also was grateful for her having access to an athletic trainer on campus.

AHS Athletic Boosters partners with the school district to cover the cost of the athletic trainer. We also purchase equipment, uniforms, help with facility improvement costs and coaching certifications. Our goals is to keep the athletic programs at AHS. We know that participating in team sports improves students connection to the school, increases their self esteem and can help improve their grades. Thank for your support!

~ Tamara

Please join us in this very important ongoing effort to raise money for our kids and Alameda High sports. You won't regret it!

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Thanks very much for your support!

Anyone wishing to make a tax-free donation to the Boosters
can donate online - or - make checks out to:

AHS Athletic Boosters 
(Tax ID: 94-2650418)

Mail To:  
AHS Athletic Boosters 
PO Box 2286  
Alameda, CA 94501

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Sportsmanship Code  
The following is reprinted from the Alameda High website:

Students should set a good example in the matter of sportsmanship. To this end, they should:

  • Remember that a student spectator represents his/her school in the same manner as does the participating athlete.

  • Recognize that the good name of the school is the primary concern.

  • Learn the rules of the various athletic programs.

  • Respond with enthusiasm to the calls of the cheerleaders.

  • Appreciate and applaud an exhibition of fine play or good sportsmanship by any player or team.

  • Accept the decision of the officials.

  • Refrain from going onto the court or field at any time particularly at the end of the contest.

  • Be considerate of the injured on both teams.

  • Do not make abusive remarks or use unacceptable language.

  • Respect the opponent's campus.

  • Never belittle an opponent or cheer his/her misfortune.

  • Never direct abusive remarks at individual players during a contest.

  • Never boo a penalty.

  • Remain quiet during attempted free throws.

  • Respect the name, colors, symbols, insignia, etc., of the opposing school. 


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