Adjusting Text Size on Your Browser

Web browsers (like the application you're using right now to view this web page) have settings that allow you to adjust the text size that appears on the screen.  Most people use Microsoft's Internet Explorer, but there are a number of other ones like Netscape, Mozilla and AOL.

Anyway, the setting that you have can affect more than just the text size.  When the text gets larger or smaller it can also effect where pictures appear, how paragraphs are aligned, etc.

This website was created -- and is best viewed -- with the View/Text Size set to Small or Medium (depending on your monitor & resolution). Check your text size setting and see which one looks best to you.

In Microsoft's Internet Explorer, you access the text setting by selecting "Text Size" under the "View" menu (as shown at right).

This picture shows Microsoft's browser menus.   If you use a different browser (e.g., Netscape) your menus will look different.