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The Alameda Hornet Boosters have made this website available to help support and promote Alameda High School Athletics.


We'll update the website, but each team is responsible for supplying Roster & Schedule information and for submitting any stats, scores, game summaries and team-related news. 


If your team doesn't submit the information,
it won't get published on the site.


Ideally, each team should find a volunteer (or volunteers) to collect and submit team information.  That can be a coach, a player, a parent or fan.  That individual can then collect and submit the necessary information.


All information for the website should be submitted by email to:  webmaster@hornetboosters.org.


Thanks for your cooperation.  If you have any questions, please contact Jim.


**If you don't have access to a digital camera, contact the Web Manager and he'll coordinate a time where he can swing by and take a team photo for your webpage.

Website History

The Hornet Booster website was started in the Fall of 2002. 

The website is actually two websites that have been linked together:

(Both websites were designed and are currently maintained by Jim Grigg)

"Why does football get it's own website?", people occasionally ask.  The real question is, why did all the other sports get a website?

The football website was developed first at the request of former Hornet football coach Kevin Hennessee.  He wanted a means of publishing the teams' rosters and schedules for families and fans.  The development of the site took on a life of its own and it developed into much more than that.

Eventually, other Hornet athletes/coaches asked why their teams couldn't be included too.  Coach Hennessee - who was also the school's Athletic Director at the time -- had no objections to the site being expanded, so little by little more teams were added until it developed into the "all-sports" website we have today.


Over a Half a Million Hornet Fans Served !

As of Fall 2016, we're nearing the 600,000 mark for visitors to the Hornet websites since we 'opened for business' 14 years ago. That's quite a devoted fan base!

Thanks for all your support!!


Website Awards

~ American Association Of Webmasters Award ~
~ Super Web Award ~ NFLHS Site of the Week

"I have seen thousands of high school websites and this is one of the best."
~ Chad Downey, VP MaxPreps

American Association of Webmasters "Gold" Award


In November of 2005, the Hornet Booster website was awarded a "Gold Award" by the American Association of Webmasters, "in recognition of webmasters and designers who have shown outstanding achievement in web design, content and creativity."


"We see all the hard work, dedication, and creativity that you have put into constructing your web site; this award of excellence is well deserved."
- American Association Of Webmasters

"Congratulations once again on a wonderful website and for contributing interesting content to the World Wide Web."
- Donna Snyder - CEO Awards Committee -
American Association Of Webmasters

"Your site displays: A nice clean Design and Layout, with quality content and informative and entertaining information for your visitors."
- American Association Of Webmasters

AAWM Gold Award - Gold - 90 Points and above
The Gold Award represents Web Presence at its best. To achieve this award is truly an honor. The winning site has scored between 90 and 100 points, which was not an easy task. A Gold award winning site is error free from broken links and error messages of any kind. This site uses advanced features, scripts and coding. Graphic Design is of the highest quality and original works of art, created by the site designer.


Super Web Award


Also, in Fall of 2005, the Hornet Booster website was reviewed and received a Sports World Initiative "Super Web Award".


"We thought it was impossible to make yellow work in a website, but you have managed it and in the end, it is quite appealing."
- Sports World Initiative

"There was plenty of creative flair in this website to keep us satisfied. Your use of graphics is excellent, which is probably the stand out feature of your website.  Well done!"
- Sports World Initiative

"Content suits the purpose of your website. Mission Statement was clearly stated, which is a rarity in many websites, and a strength of yours. Provides a good portal for the sporting community in your area."
- Sports World Initiative



NFLHS Site of the Week


In 2003, the Hornet Football website was honored as one of NFL High School's "Showcase Sites of the Week" (see below).


Thank you to The Boosters and all the players, coaches, fans and contributors who have made this site a success.