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There will be some inevitable growing pains as we transition from the old to the new Hornet website, but hopefully in the very new future the new site will be up and running and will be much more efficient and easy to use than the old site. (The old site had a great run well over half a million views -- but was becoming more technologically and functionally obsolete with each passing year.)

If you have any questions about the old site and information stored on there, feel free to contact the old webmaster at

For information about the new website - as well as any submissions to the new site for the upcoming school year - please contact:

Note: I did not disconnect all the old links on this site, so you can probably still navigate around behind the scenes, but just be aware that this old site hasn't been updated since graduation, so what you see is what you get.

Thanks for all the support over the years and please continue to support the new web team
like you did for me.  Thanks for everything!!  ~ Jim